What is included with my puppy?

Our puppies will go home with a week’s worth of food, wood pellets for a litter box, and one of the toys they’ve been playing with.  We also include a piece of their bedding blanket with the scents of their brothers and sisters to make them more comfortable with the transition.  

How large will my puppy be as an adult?

This is our first litter with this father and mother combination.  The father weighs 10 pounds and the mother weighs 28 pounds.  We are expecting puppies to be around 15-20 pounds as adults, but this is just a guess.

What is a Micro Mini Bernedoodle?

A standard Bernedoodle can reach up to 29 inches in height and weigh up to 90 pounds.  A Mini Bernedoodle is between 18-22 inches tall and weights 20-45 pounds.  A “Micro Mini Bernedoodle” is only 12-17 inches tall and weighs 10-24 pounds.  We have Micro Mini Bernedoodles where their mother, Dolly, is a Mini Bernedoodle and their Father, Ollie, is a Toy Poodle.