Health Guarantee & Purchase Agreement


Health Guarantee

Thank you for your purchase of one of our puppies! We try to make sure all our puppies are as healthy as possible to give them a great start in their life. Our primary goal is the health and well-being of the puppy while protecting the seller and the buyer.

We will decide when the puppy will be ready to go to its new home. Usually at the age of 8 weeks the puppy will be weaned and ready to go but other factors may delay this. No puppy will leave until it is declared ready to go by our vet.

The puppy will be sold in good health and declared healthy by our veterinarian.

The puppy will be up to date on shots and worming at the time of pick up. It is very important that you continue with vaccinations and worming. Puppy must continue vaccinations and worming by a licensed vet or the contract will be breached. The buyer must show proof of all vet visits and vaccines upon contacting us with any problems. Please consider no exposing your puppy to other dogs that are not vaccinated until he/she has completed the entire vaccination schedule -around 16-20 weeks old.

The buyer, at their own expense, shall have the puppy examined by a licensed vet within 72 hours of receiving the puppy. Documentation must be sent to the seller within 10 days in order for the Health Guarantee to be honored.

If within 72 hours a licensed vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy or unfit for sale the puppy may be returned for a full refund provided the puppy has not been injured or neglected. The veterinarian must provide a written statement deeming the puppy “unhealthy for purchase.”

This guarantee does not cover any health issues caused by injury or neglect.

This guarantee does not include minor illnesses and health issues such as colds, allergies, internal or external parasites or umbilical hernias. We will disclose any known illnesses or health issues prior to sale. The seller cannot assume responsibility for this puppy after 72 hours of the sale.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to care for the puppy properly and keep it free from harm. Please remember that your puppy must be treated with great care and protected from danger.

The seller assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses incurred after the sale.

The seller assumes no responsibility for training difficulties or behavior problems.

The seller does not guarantee size. We will give the buyer the weight of the puppy’s parents. We can give an educated guess as to full grown weight but there are many variables.

The seller does not guarantee fertility or ability to place in shows. The puppy is strictly sold as a quality pet.

The seller is not responsible for puppies which develop Hypoglycemia after the puppy is in the new owner’s possession.

The seller gives a one-year guarantee against any congenital defects of the puppy. Any defects must be verified by the seller’s vet. If this should occur, then the puppy will be returned to the seller and the buyer will receive another puppy of the same breed when there is one available.


Purchase Agreement

Please read the Health Guarantee completely before inquiring about a puppy. By contacting us about a puppy you are agreeing to the terms and conditions within this contract. “I, the new puppy owner, hereby agree to the above Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee for my new puppy.  Furthermore, I will commit to providing the best possible care to my new puppy after it is transferred to me.”

Seller’s signature/date: _______________________

New Owner’s signature/date: ___________________

New Owner’s printed name: _____________________