About Bernedoodles KY

twix being held

We live in Richmond, Kentucky and Dolly is our lovable Mini Bernedoddle.  We have introduced Dolly to Ollie and they have produced five puppies that we have raised for the last eight weeks.  We are not a puppy mill nor are we a kennel breeder.  We are a family that has been fortunate enough to welcome five Micro Mini Bernedoodle puppies into our loving home with two young daughters.

As you can imagine we have taken exceptional care of these five Micro Mini Bernedoodle puppie and our daughters have played and entertained them every day as any young daughters would.  So, these puppies have been socialized and spoiled rotten for the past eight weeks and are very used to everyday life.  We think you will love and adore them just as much as we have.

Our puppies are taken outside to our yard three times a day for playtime.  We have started them on wood pellet litter box training.  And they are all doing great.  This will make housebreaking your new puppy exponentially easier.

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